Exotics and Pocket Pets


These unique animals are becoming very popular. Housing and nutrition are the two biggest concerns with pet iguanas. The most common disease problem of captive iguanas results from gross malnutrition and is a widespread problem. Most new iguana owners are not given proper dietary information at the time of purchase, and some are actually given wrong information. An excellent source of information on your Iquana is a book titled, "Iguana Iguana" Guide for Successful Captive Care, by Fredric L. Frye (published by Krieger Publishing Co., Malabar, FL).

Other Exotics

Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, rats, mice, hedgehogs, and other such pets need routine veterinary care also. They each have diseases unique to their species and require special care and attention.

Sugar gliders (marsupials) make great pets but make sure you research the care of these soft lovable creatures before you buy one. They can be a little noisy and can get into very small areas.


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