Birds of a Feather

Please make an appointment for your bird and have a specific time to bring your fine feathered friend to the hospital so he or she can be checked over by Dr. Stubbs. Remember to always transport your bird in a cage so he/she doesn't accidentally fly away when you are outside. Do not clean the droppings from the bottom of the cage because it will give us a lot of information about the condition of its metabolic system. Nutrition is a very important part of your pet bird's health. One of the biggest problems with birds is improper diet. All seed diets are not good for Psitticine birds (curved beak birds). Improper diets can lead to a weakened immune system leaving your bird susceptible to diseases. Remember: BIRDS HIDE SYMPTOMS, they act normal as long as they possibly can, so if your bird is "not acting right", bring it in, DO NOT WAIT. Please contact us for a recommended feeding regimen for your bird. Routine veterinary care is recommended for your bird, and may include nail and wing trims and occasionally beak trims.

Some Do's in Caring for Birds

Get regular checkups at the veterinarian.

Keep your bird in the proper sized cage.

Feed a balanced pelleted diet (< than 10% seeds).

Keep fresh water available at all times.

Bathe your bird regularly (Birds in the wild bathe everyday).

Keep perches clean and of proper size.

Use newspaper or brown paper in the bottom of its cage, not decorative litter.

Cover their cage at night with blanket.

*** This list is not all inclusive***

Some Don'ts in Caring for Birds

If your bird is not acting normal don't wait to have it checked.

Don't feed an all seed diet.

Don't feed any sunflower seeds.

Don't feed GRIT to a "hook beaked" bird.

Don't use sandpaper covered perches.

Don't set your bird next to COLD drafts.

Don't leave your bird in a hot car or areas that get hot (Birds tolerate cold better than heat).

Don't take your bird outside without trimming its wings or you could lose your bird if something scares it.

***This list is not all inclusive***


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